Guitar Bodies

Guitar Bodies


Guitar Bodies

Here is a very small sample of different bodies that I've done. 

Please note that these are not in any way "officially licensed" bodies. They are my interpretation based on
bodies that I have worked on or have designed.

I do custom body styles. Send me your sketch, drawing etc.

Body Prices

Alder, Poplar, Basswood - $175   Ash - $180    Mahogany, Maple - $190   Black Walnut - $220

Bodies are sanded ready for finish, routed and drilled anyway you require, including Tremolo Routes !

3/16" - 1/4" Thick Bookmatched Tops 

(NOT a veneer! Like others put on. Also note :
forearm contour not available with these tops.)

Add to a body !  Prices are in addition to body price.

Black Walnut - $60 Lace - $65    Zebra - $70   Flamed Maple - $100 Quilted Maple - $110

(More woods available, please inquire)

All tops and bodies : prices and availability are dependant on market availability and can vary.

Approx. Average Shipping Weight for all bodies is 9 lbs.. 

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