Guitar Necks


Custom Neck Information and Pricing

Below are just some of the necks I have/can make. There are so many options and choices available that it is virtually impossible to list them here. If you have something in mind that you do not find here send us an email or call with your specifications.


Please note that these are not in any way "officially licensed" necks. They are my interpretation based on
necks that I have worked on or have designed.

Neck Prices start at $150. This is for a Maple neck with Maple fingerboard and standard dot inlay.There is no extra charge for 24 frets, left or right handed, or routed for locking nut. Choice of fret wire.Your choice of headstock design, nut width etc.. Please note that some headstock designs and tuner locations may not be available due to trademark issues.(ie: Ibanez shape, 4 + 2 tuner locations are examples).

Fingerboard radiuses available - 7 1/4", 10", 12", 16"

Scales - All the standards plus any scale you might need.

Back profiles- Flat oval (ie Ibanez), Hard V, And most others.

Heels - AANJ, and Standards. All bolt ons. Please specify if you have a special requirement.

Truss rod adjustment @ heel or nut.

All necks are supplied with no finish and do not include a nut. Although both of these are available at additional cost.

Dark fingerboard woods come with MOP dot inlay, in 4mm or 6mm.

Light fingerboards come with plastic dot inlay.

Here is a list of options. Please add the appropriate amount to the base price of $150.


Options :

Add $30.00 for 14 degree kicked back headstock.

Add $10.00 for 7 string neck

Add $5.00 per fret for scalloping. ( ie: $20.00 for frets 21-24 )

Add $120.00 for plastic disappearing pyramid inlay ( Many colors available)

Add $180.00 for disappearing pyramid inlay using shell ( Abalone, MOP, Gold MOP, Black MOP etc.)

Add $50.00 for plastic binding around neck (Fingerboard & Headstock)

Add $30.00 for plastic binding around headstock only.

Add $30.00 for plastic binding around fingerboard only.

Add $100 for Oval position markers (Abalone, MOP, Gold MOP etc.)

Add $250.00 for tree of life vine inlay in Paua Abalone or MOP.  

Add $165 for Celtic Knot Block inlay in Paua abalone.

Add $145 for Celtic Knot Block inlay in MOP.

Add $160 for Small Cloud in Paua abalone.

Add $145 for Small Cloud in MOP.

Add $130 for Sharkfin inlay (smaller design) (MOP, Abalone etc.) Specify if you require the larger 

sharkfin, which
I might have to quote a price.

Add $60.00 for Cocobolo and Birdseye Maple neck body wood

Add $30.00 for Mahogany neck body wood.

Add $40.00 for Birdseye Maple fingerboard.

Add $50.00 for Ebony, Quilted Maple or Cocobolo fingerboard

Add $30.00 for Rosewood, Pau Ferro or Purpleheart fingerboard

Add $40.00 for headstock veneer ( For kicked back headstocks) - Quited maple, Flamed maple, Birdseye maple, Black Walnut etc.

Add $40.00 for painted headstock. Clear or any solid color.

Add $130.00 for clear satin or gloss finish on back and clear gloss maple FB and headstock, maple/maple necks only. Includes transparent finishes

Add $95.00 for satin back w/gloss peghead.

Add $110.00 for transparent color on back & headstock.

Add $60.00 for satin finish on back of neck only.

Add $75.00 for gloss finish on back of neck only.

Add $20.00 for satin tung oil finish on back of neck and fingerboard ( All fingerboard woods)

Numerous other options and inlay are available as I do work from drawings, sketches etc.. Please inquire.

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