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Refret and refinish of two Strat necks

From Mr. R.G. on his Strat neck refrets - "Got the necks delivered. Great Pro Fret Job !!! Thank You ..... Great work Jon, Nice finishing job too! Thank You very much."

Les Paul Refinish


Les Paul Refinish

I can't say enough about John's work, I was really impressed with my final Les paul refinish. Thanks alot john for all your hard work!"

Chad Barkalow



A couple photos submitted by Zenman with his custom Buck Dharma model guitar. Thanx Zen!


Trent Brooks


Assembly and Set up of Trent's Stratocaster.
An Email that was received 2-14-10

Hey Jon...

I played my strat this weekend and it was awesome! Great tone, great action, great neck, and a great set-up. Overall a really sweet playing guitar. I got several comments from the audience about my unique and different sound, but the best was when Big J our bass player said, "...I was really nervous about that strat because I don't really like the way your other one sounds, but you've got a real winner with that guitar." That made me feel great. When you have a tool like that, it makes the job you do much easier, and makes it more enjoyable to play, and you know when you know you sound good you play even better across the board, and that was evident this weekend.

Who knows what will be next for "Goldy" but I really think there's no need for me to take her or any other guitar anywhere else for any reason.

Thanks for all your advice, and for a great set-up!

Trent Brooks

Brandon Todd


Brandon Todd
Guitar is a  custom Buck Dharma model fitted with D Activaor DiMarzio pickups.

"My new guitar is AMAZING!!!!!!! By far the greatest instrument that has ever graced
my hands and ears!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Brandon Todd  (Once Broken, D80z and
solo artist) on his new Buck Dharma model.


Paul Gittens


Here is a nice article written by Paul Gittens
(Thank you Paul)

Vegas Vulcan


Mark on his Vegas Vulcan Model

I am the owner of the 1st (ser# VV2007001). Jon has hand-crafted a
wonderful guitar. The sustain is great, due to the nice mohagany body.
The DiMarzio PAF's really help recreate the familiar sound (from a Blue
Oyster Cult perspective) of Buck Dharma. The neck is very playable,
especially from the perspective of how the guitar body sits when
strapped on. I found that it seems to create a feeling of being able to
easily move your hand up the fretboard to reach those high "Dharma"
notes. Other fine details and hardware accessories really adds a great
touch to this legendary look.

So, if you're a BOC fan or someone looking for something a bit different
for a new guitar, why not have Jon hand-craft you this beauty."


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