Pricing Effective 3-23-14

Lower Pricing

Setup on a Strat

Hey Jon...

I played my strat this weekend and it was awesome! Great tone, great action, great neck, and a great set-up. Overall a really sweet playing guitar. I got several comments from the audience about my unique and different sound, but the best was when Big J our bass player said, "...I was really nervous about that strat because I don't really like the way your other one sounds, but you've got a real winner with that guitar." That made me feel great. When you have a tool like that, it makes the job you do much easier, and makes it more enjoyable to play, and you know when you know you sound good you play even better across the board, and that was evident this weekend. 

Who knows what will be next for "Goldy" but I really think there's no need for me to take her or any other guitar anywhere else for any reason.

Thanks for all your advice, and for a great set-up!

Trent Brooks


(Includes leveling, setup and strings)

Unfinished fingerboards (No Paint) - $110

Fingerboards with binding - $135

Finished Fingerboards (Ones that have paint) - $185

Finished Fingerboards with binding - $210

Add $30 for basses

Fret Leveling and Dressing

Guitars - $40 level and dressing only         $80 includes strings and set up

Basses - $50 level and dress only             $100 includes strings and set up

Set ups

Guitars - $50 includes strings
Basses - $60 includes strings

Electronics and Wiring

Pick-up Installs/swaps - $30 w/supplied pickup. (Ea.)

Pick-up Installs/swaps if I supply the pickup

- $80 for single coil type pickups (Ea.)

- $90 for humbucking style pickups (Ea.)

For special request pickups, something other than DiMarzio or Seymour Duncans, install will have to be quoted.

Replace pot(s) or switch(s)- $25 Ea.

Troubleshooting - $30 hr. (1 Hr. min.)

Nut Installs

$45 - includes graphite, bone, plastic and slots filed.

Finish and Crack repairs

Quoted per job. Min. $45 and up

Tuner Installs

Supplied Tuners - $45 includes new strings

Sperzel - $120 includes tuners and new strings

Standard tuners (Non-Locking) - Quoted per job

All other types of tuners will have to be quoted.

Numerous other services are available, send me an email or call. I am very competitive on service pricing.


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